What’s Included in Collections?

Everything You Could Need for Any Worship Service

Several years ago, we stopped making “backgrounds” for churches and started making Collections. In the early days of video projectors, our backgrounds were a hodgepodge of cool-looking nature shots and abstracts we made in Photoshop. Building a service for Sunday morning involved scrolling through endless pages of backgrounds on our site and others and picking out your favorites to mix and match on Sundays.

After seeing the results in our own churches (and lots of others), we decided there had to be a better way to do this. Instead of throwing up an assortment of unrelated backgrounds, it made much more sense to us to create sets of backgrounds—similar but varied—designed to be used in the same service to tell the same story.

That’s what a Collection is. It’s a way of keeping any service cohesive, intentional, and connected. We believe visual media should help make the entire service better. For us, that means the background on the opening song should be connected in some way to the background on the closing number—and the announcement slides, sermon notes, countdowns, and sermon bumpers should all look and feel connected, too. Every service is one story. Collections help you show that visually.

Since then, what is included in each collection on our site has grown as we have added elements to cover everything any church might want to do visually in a service. We have also added more and more ways for churches to customize our media into every Collection.

Bottom line: Every new Collection on Shift Worship provides everything you need for any one service.

So what’s in a Collection now?

1-Click Sync to Dropbox – Pro Feature
Don’t waste time downloading the media you might need for a service one-by-one. This button will send everything to your connected Dropbox folder so it’s ready to go on your computer when you’re ready for it.

These are the foundation for any service. They work as backgrounds for the lyrics, yes, but they also include pre-made slides for Welcome, Exit, Communion, Offering, Prayer, and Upcoming Events. Includes Triple Wide versions for Environmental Projection.

Not every church uses these to start the service, but those who do will find one to match the rest of the set in each Collection. Use it with the music on the video or turn down the audio and use your own.

Mini Movies/Sermon Bumpers
Many Collections include a very short video to kick off worship, illustrate a sermon topic, or recognize a holiday.

Editable Photoshop/After Effects Files – Pro Feature
For media folks comfortable with the software, these files allow them to quickly and easily customize the text in motions and still backgrounds.

Transparent Text Layers – Media/Pro Feature
This is kind of the reverse of the editable Photoshop and After Effects files. Instead of putting your text on our images, you can use that software to put our text and art elements on your images.

Quick Editor – Media/Pro Feature
Brand new! Now anyone can customize the text on motion and still backgrounds without Photoshop. It works right on our site inside the Collection. So fast and easy, there’s no reason not to make every visual you use in a service fit the look of the Collection.

Editable Sermon Titles – Pro Feature
Need title screens for a sermon or sermon series? Our professional designers have already laid one out for you. You can use it as is, of course, but quickly make it your own by just changing the text.

Editable Bulletins & Postcards – Pro Feature
Going all out for a special series? Don’t lose the look and feel with your bulletins and postcards. These files are big enough to customize and print (or send to the printer).

Social Media (also Editable!) – Media/Pro Feature
Feed your feeds the same look and feel your people will find on Sunday morning. We’ve added ready-to-send text to these so you can use them any time or edit the text in Photoshop to fit your series or special announcements.

Licensing – Media/Pro Feature
Everything we make comes with permission to project onto screens during your church services, but it’s not legal to stream our content or put it on your web site without these licenses.