Huge Announcement: Centerline New Media Now on Shift Worship

We are so excited to announce that, beginning right now, we will be offering the library of church media content from Centerline New Media on! Your subscription with Shift will NOT change, but now you have access to thousands more backgrounds, mini movies, and countdowns created for the church by the incredible designers at Centerline.

Centerline New Media was started in 2008 by two close friends. Their goal was simple: To use their skills in graphic design and video production to create media they loved while also serving the church. In that time, their media has been used by thousands of churches and ministries around the world to help congregations give worship and praise to God.

Right now, you will find more than 50 Centerline collections on the site, and our plan is to offer more than 400 of their classic sets, along with adding new Centerline media every month. Your Media or Pro Membership to Shift Worship just became an even more incredible value. See for yourself: Search any media category, and you’ll see the Centerline media in the mix with Shift’s existing content.

You might have questions:

Q: Will Centerline’s media come in all the same formats and specifications as Shift’s content?
A: Mostly. Some of Centerline’s existing sets will not include all of the options available in current Shift Worship collections, and some file formats may not be available. However, new Centerline content will begin to be available with all of the options you’re used to seeing on Shift collections, including the Quick Editor.

Q: Will Shift Worship continue to create new original content?
A: Absolutely! Shift’s designers will continue to create and add new content most weeks, in addition to the new content created by the Centerline team every month.

Q: With all of this new content, will the price of my membership be increasing?
A: We can’t promise that the price of a Media or Pro Membership will never increase, but the price of a membership today is exactly what it was last month. At $149/year for Media and $249/year for Pro, a Shift Worship membership has always been the best deal in church media. Now it’s just crazy good. There’s never been a better time to join.

If you have more questions, feel free to send an email to [email protected].